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Some examples of symptoms that can be treated using osteopathy:

- sports and work-related injuries
- chronic and recurrent symptoms
- migraine
- trismus
- neck stiffness
- sclatica and related spinal dysfunctions
- locomotory problems related to pregnancy and delivery

Osteopathy recognises the body's strong tendency and capacity to heal itself. The osteopath's role is to facilitate this process. In the Netherlands, a well as in many other countries, osteopathy is a widely recognized and appreciated medical practice. Its roots go back more than 125 years and the number of people using osteopathy still increases.

Mindful of the self-healing capacity of the human body, osteopaths aim at tracing the origins of symptoms. For the body to be in optimal condition, all bones, joints, and soft tissues have to be flexible and free of unnatural tense. Only if this is the case, the body is well balanced and able to 'move' and function in the optimal and most natural way.

When should i see an osteopath?

Osteopathy is used for a wide variety of symptoms. Sometimes symptoms origin from injuries or from past medical treatments and interventions. But this is not always the case. For example stress, lifestyle, and personal habits can affect the body's balance and cause tissues to be tensed. In addition, osteopathy can be very helpful for patients suffering from chronic and recurrent symptoms, or from symptoms that have been declared "unaccountable".

Osteopathy is used by people of all ages, including babies, (pre-)schoolers, adolescents, adults, women during pregnancy, and elderly people. You do not need a referral to see one of Zwaan Osteopathy's osteopaths.

Registrations and qualifications

All osteopaths working at Zwaan Osteopathy are qualified practitioners according to guidelines as set by the NRO (Nederlands Register voor Osteopaten) or NOF (Nederlandse Osteopathie Federatie), the Dutch authorities for osteopathy, and have an official registration at these institutions.

Zwaan Osteopathy works in close cooperation with specialists from other medical disciplines, including (family) doctors and physiotherapists. In case of any doubt about the exact nature of abiding symptoms, a doctor will be consulted.