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We are five enthusiastic and experienced osteopaths who aim at improving your health and fitness. This website contains information about what we do, who we are, and where you can find us. 

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Osteopathy aims at tracing and treating the origins of symptoms. The osteopath’s role is to relax tensed muscles and other tissues, in order to recover the body’s own balance and to alleviate pain. Osteopathy is used by people of all ages, including babies, (pre-)schoolers, adolescents, sports(wo)men, adults, women during pregnancy, and elderly people. A wide variety of symptoms can be treated, such as sports and work-related injuries, chronic and recurrent symptoms, migraine, trismus, neck stiffness, sciatica and related spinal dysfunctions, locomotory problems related to pregnancy and delivery, and more. 

Zwaan Osteopathy treats about two thousand patients per year coming from the area around Katwijk, Rijnsburg and Valkenburg, especially from Noordwijk, Leiden, Oegstgeest, Voorhout, Noordwijkerhout and Wassenaar. 


Any questions about whether your symptoms can be treated or otherwise? Feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone, or by filling out our online contact form. 

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